Monday 5 June 2017

RAVING - by Glynis Heathcote. A ***** Review.

I read this novel in two goes and it would have been one go if I hadn't needed to sleep in the middle. Here is a world of frustratingly, wilfully ignorant people, who refuse to see the ever-growing danger that surrounds them. The blurb says "Raving will keep you riveted from exasperating beginning to cataclysmic end." and for me, that is exactly what it did do. While this is fiction - from suspect food additives, to GM crops, from the constant spin on reality put out by the media and politicians alike, to the brainwashed masses incapable of accepting the blindingly obvious truth - Raving contains chilling echoes of the world we live in today. Anyone who dares to speak out or fight back is shouted down or prosecuted. It is Orwell's thought crimes all over again and all too frighteningly familiar. From page one the tension goes on building like a ticking time bomb until it explodes in a bloody and horrifying climax. Chrissy, as a Mother and Grandmother, may seem an unusual protagonist, but in defence of her family and loved ones, she is a tigress. Thought provoking, dripping with fear and frustration throughout, this is too good a read to be missed.

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