Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the fittest, the strong are so alive
While the weak, who do their level best, struggle to survive

Reality is where we're said to dwell, but I am not so certain
The eyes we use to see this world deceived by a false curtain

Natural selection, preferring the favoured few
If you’re not a chosen one, there’s little you can do

Survival of the powerful and of the filthy rich
While standing on the bottom rung, life is one hard bitch

It seems the natural order hands the few the lion’s share
The rest they too get equal shares, but of poverty and despair

The land of the living when blessed with milk and honey
Is the land of the slow demise when you have no food or money

Survival of the rich man, he can afford to laugh and sing
The poor man has to fake his smile, because he hasn’t got a thing

The wealthy frequent the Ivy, spend a mint on food and wine
While the Foodbank or the dumpster is where the poorest dine

Survival of the richest, the greedy, so pleased to be alive
While the poor, exploited every day, just battle to survive