Friday, 24 January 2014

A Tribute

A tribute to all the dead fighting men and women who have died in so many wars - all created by the old men at the back, for the young to die at the front – and for those dying still for the sickening schemes of cowardly, heartless people. May they all rest in peace.
They answered to the call boys
Yes they went off to fight
They did it for our freedom
They did it for what’s right
And they laughed and they sang boys
As they kept us all from harm
And they smiled through the bullets
As they marched off arm in arm
With pride in their duty boys
They stood and faced their fears
But they fell for their country
Yes they fell for their peers
They don’t choose their time boys
Or even for what cause
They just fight when they’re called on
And all for no applause
So beat the drum slowly boys
And raise that flag up high
For that lost unknown soldier
For he was quite a guy
So give them your respect boys
As they gave you of their best
And may God in his heaven
Take care of all the rest
So I raise my glass to them boys
And hope you’ll join with me
As I toast those fallen heroes
Who died to keep us free